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Media thread - Overseer - 03-24-2016

This thread is for posting all kinds of media about Void of Heroes. Feel free to add your screenshots or other art.

Let's start with some mechs.

RE: Media thread - Overseer - 03-29-2016

Here are the rest of the Tier 1 mechs including the premium mech GoldClaw!


RE: Media thread - Overseer - 04-06-2016

The stealthy Nightsphere!


RE: Media thread - MMOexpshop - 10-09-2019

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Media thread - JustineWreni - 10-19-2019

If I add a new media player device under any remote control button other than SAT, the device wont work. But if I load it via my SAT button, all is fine.

Is there some way I can add it to any other button? I cant even get it to work via dev6, dev7, or dev8 - only SAT. Ive never had this problem with any other device before.